6 Easy hacks for disguising healthy food

By Stuck On You

We know that kids can be fussy eaters, no matter how hard you try to give them a well-rounded diet. Maybe they don’t like a one particular food, maybe they only eat one colour of food, maybe they don’t like their food touching – don’t worry, we’ve heard just about every excuse!

With this in mind, we’ve gone hunting for some of the greatest hacks to get the good stuff into them – have you tried these before?

1. Non meat eaters.

Depending on whether your child has recently discovered where meat comes from and is now facing a moral dilemma, or if it’s purely a fussy taste thing, sometimes getting them to have a rich source of protein can be difficult. We recently heard from one mum who used to cut up small chunk of meat, freeze it, and then grate it into whatever she was feeding them that night. Brilliant right?

2. One color only, thanks.

Only white meals? Is green out of the question? Here are some nutritious foods in various colours to help give you some variety, no matter what their “colour of the week” is!


Avocado is full of Vitamins C and E, and is a great source of good fats. It can be mashed, cut up, added to a smoothie or smeared on toast – so versatile!
Broccoli used to be a disdained veggie, but it is SO good for Vitamin D intake and is also a particularly rich source of a flavonoid called kaempferol. Recent research has shown the ability of kaempferol to lessen the impact of allergy-related substances on our body! Just steam for 5 minutes for maximum benefits. You can also mash it in with other veggies, to help disguise its existence!


The obvious choice here is your citrus fruits like oranges, for their huge hit of Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps the immune system, but also helps the body to absorb other vitamins like iron. Most kids love this juiced, and this way you can chuck in a carrot without them noticing the taste difference.
I bet you didn’t know that pumpkin helps produce serotonin – which promotes sleep and happy moods! Mash it or make pumpkin chips! What kid doesn’t love a chip?

3. Baby-led weaning.

Baby-led weaning is when you wait until around the six-month mark, and ‘skip’ the pureed stage of eating. Instead, cut up various foods into bite-size chunks and let your kids discover the art of feeding themselves. Many mums who have gone down this route find they avoid having a picky eater as the child is used to a variety of foods in a whole, unprocessed and natural form.

4. Meatballs meatballs meatballs!

Meatballs are usually a hit with everyone, so these are the perfect receptacles in which to disguise all sorts of goodness. With your meat mixture, add in a variety of healthy veggies like spinach, pumpkin, peas and carrots.

5. Smooth smoothies

Smoothies are delicious, nutritious and super simple. Getting the kids involved with whatever you’re making is always a great way to get them to try the food, so take them shopping to pick what they would like to go in their smoothie and make it as colorful as you like! Berries are always a good smoothie ingredient, and kids love the sweetness. Adding spinach, avocado and other ‘power foods’ is a great way to get a really healthy hit.

6. I don’t like seafood

Sure you don’t buddy. My brother was tricked for years into thinking that the awesome ‘chicken’ pasta bake my mum made us at least once a week was chicken. It was in fact tuna, and he had no clue. This one is great for when you don’t quite believe your kids that they don’t like something – just tell them it’s something else!

Also try making ‘potato’ cakes and chuck in some salmon or white fish as well.

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