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Toddler care

Tips for travelling with Toddlers

Some handy tips for travelling with toddlers and how to hold their attention during long flights.

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Toddler Travel Tips

Travelling can provide a range of educational benefits for children from social interaction to communication, problem-solving and creative thinking. Children also benefit from being involved in the planning and preparations, which builds self-esteem and confidence.

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5 tips for staying safe with toddlers while out and about

We all know how fast toddlers can be. Those who look after little kids are well-versed in the safety hazards to look out for but when caring for an adventurous toddler isn’t your full-time job, it can be hard to remember everything you need to keep in check.

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Protect Children From Falling Out Of Windows

Kidsafe NSW provides practical suggestions, guidance and support to parents, grandparents, carers and anyone involved in keeping kids safe. The main focus areas are child safety in and around the home, water safety, playground safety and road safety. Kidsafe aims to make a safer world for kids!

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Advice on toddler biting

Many babies and toddlers go through a stage of biting. It can be a difficult time for parents because it may cause them embarrassment in front of others (if the child bites someone else), physical pain, or a complete sense of helplessness in trying to prevent it.

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Toddler attention seeking behaviour

Huggies provide some quick ways of dealing with negative toddler attention seeking behaviour.

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Understanding toddler behaviour

As toddlers mature and begin to explore the world they will experience a whole new range of emotions which may be difficult for them to manage. Your toddler may need your support to help manage some of these behaviours.

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