Fun For Kids

There is so much fun for kids to enjoy at our Expo including the Imagination Play Area specially designed to stimulate the imagination and senses. Below you will find more details on this safe play area as well as a host of other great activities we had at our 2017 Expo. 

All Day Activities & Entertainment

Introduced last year, our Imagination Play Area ensures the Expo is an even more fun day out for parents and little ones.

Ideal for some quiet time out or an opportunity to burn off that excess energy in a safe and supportive environment, the Imagination Play Area offers play activities galore to encourage the imaginations of growing minds.

With activities available all day long, it’s a space for you and your youngsters to create, play and discover!

A must see feature for every family. No mater how young your baby or child is this is a wonderful photo opportunity, plus you get to pat and feed the animals too!

Come and pop by our activity area. Playgroup helps your little one learn how to share through play, discover how to get along with other children, learn and develop new skills.

Great for burning off a little of that endless energy, bring your child along to crawl, creep, jump, hop, swing, roll and tumble to give them a sample of the Gymbaroo experience!

Face painting is a magic key to the world of imagination where your child explores the possible, and the impossible, with a sense of delight and wonder. On all three days of our Expo you’ll find Creative Kids Facepainting ready to transform faces and launch exciting adventures!