Essential nutrition throughout each trimester and during breastfeeding

Presented by Amanda Haberecht, MyGen

This talk discusses both dietary and lifestyle recommendations for women throughout pregnancy and in preparation for a healthy breastfeeding experience.

This Bupa Parenting Insights talk is given by Amanda Haberecht a Naturopath specializing in fertility and Director of Mygen. 

The talks focuses on maintaining balance regarding sleep, nutrition, relaxation practices and exercise. Dietary advice will discuss macronutrients like fats, carbohydrates and protein needs and give women some food for thought regarding meal suggestions. It will also provide an overview of the changing nutritional needs throughout each trimester and during breastfeeding. The talk will also attempt to demystify common dietary advice which can cause both confusion and anxiety for so many women at this special time.                   

      This video is invaluable to those who are pregnant or who are planning to have a family.

Watch the video above or find the video here.

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