Sick of morning sickness?

By Franjos Kitchen

Did you know that over one third of all pregnancies are affected with morning sickness? Many compare it to having persistent food poisoning or a constant hangover for four months. Oh the joys!

To help you overcome morning sickness or at least reduce the affliction give some of the following tips a go, hopefully you can get through this retched period a little easier.

You want to get your bowels moving and strengthen up your digestive system

  • Fibre – lots of green leafy vegetables and vegetables with their skin on. Brown rice, barley, oats, quinoa, amaranth, wholegrain spelt / wheat bread etc
  • Water – being dehydrated will make your nausea worse. At least a couple of litres a day
  • Exercise – gentle walking and moving your body at a pace that suits you most days

Snack regularly and prevent hunger

  • Small snacks every 1 ½ - 2 hours
  • If your tummy is empty or you feel hungry it is often too late. It can be a delicate balance as to exactly how much you feel comfortable eating as overeating will also intensify the nausea
  • Go for protein (eggs, cheese, beans, meat, poultry), fats (avocado, oils) and low glycaemic carbohydrates (wholegrain bread, crackers, rice etc) and vegetables

Reduce sugar intake

Sugary foods and drinks will de-stabilise your blood sugar levels which will make you worse as much as you feel like they might pick you up

  • Say away from lollies, excessive fruit, fruit juices, pastries, poor quality chocolate and sugary drinks
  • Always add some from form of protein or fats to your sweeter snacks e.g. a few almonds and a dried date, add yoghurt to your bowl of fresh fruit

Some foods will make you worse so listen to your body

  • Even if it was okay for your best mate to eat it just might not be right for you
  • If you experience phlegm or you are constantly congested this might be a sign that your diet is not working for you
  • If you are feeling cold, fuel yourself with warming food. Warm / cooked foods are much easier to digest too and may also help your nausea.

Rest when you can

No superwomen here! Respect your body and your baby’s growth and development.

Your sense of smell just might be heightened

Get your hands on some quality essential oils and put a burner in your kitchen. Peppermint and vanilla are terrific.


  • Dry crackers or quality sourdough wholegrain toast with avocado, your favourite dip or cheese
  • Stewed fruits with linseed meal or nut and seed mix with coconut yoghurt
  • Brown rice, congees and well cooked grains
  • Almonds, nut and seeds
  • Broths and slow cooked stews with bones. These are super nutritious, very hydrating and also very easily to digest


  • You may find it helpful to have a snack that is high in protein (nuts, yoghurt) before going to bed and a carbohydrate- based snack (toast, crackers) on waking.


  • Apple cider vinegar – 1tbs added to a cup of boiled water
  • Ginger tea – freshly grated ginger to the size of a 50c piece, steep in boiling water for 10minutes, add honey to taste
  • Mineral water with lemon juice away from meals and brushing teeth

Acupressure points

Using pressure points or getting acupuncture may also be of benefit. Locate your nearest qualified Chinese Medicine practitioner and give that a shot!

Note: The views and advice expressed on this blog post are those of the author and are not representative of the Pregnancy Babies & Children's Expo.

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