Fish oil and pregnancy

By Kelli Proudfoot, Evolution Health

PBC Expo spoke with Kelli Proudfoot from Evolution Health to find out more about taking fish oil tablets when you're pregnant.

Can you still take fish oil when you’re pregnant and breastfeeding?

DHA is a fatty acid that provides structure to the brain and nervous system. It is absolutely essential to have DHA through your pregnancy and if you are breastfeeding. It helps with your baby's brain development and ensures mothers levels aren't depleted. Please note the requirements for 2nd and 3rd pregnancies are higher than for first pregnancy as well.

91% of Australian women are deficient in DHA supply during pregnancy!

Do you still take the same fish oil when pregnant?

Yes you can still take the same tablet during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

  • Baby’s brain is rapidly growing in the last trimester of pregnancy the requirements are much higher
  • DHA must come from mothers’ diet to pass to the baby, yet 91% of Australian women are deficient in DHA supply during pregnancy as many avoid fish intake
  • The same goes for breastfeeding – the higher the mothers’ intake of DHA, the more will be passed through the breastmilk for continued brain growth

What are the benefits of fish oil supplementation?

  • Ensuring mother has adequate DHA supply is important for both mother and baby
  • If the mother is deficient the baby will draw from mothers’ stores, making her even more deficient
  • A high DHA intake during pregnancy and breastfeeding contributes to healthy brain development for the baby
  • Adequate DHA is associated with improved attention, motor skills, memory, cognitive processing
  • Healthy visual development

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