What is a maternity concierge?

By Vanessa Fritz, Bedrest Solutions

So you might have come across this term and wondered what exactly is a maternity concierge? And who would actually use one? In the past, women used to have a lot more support helping them transition into motherhood. Your family would probably live in the same area as you, your mum would be there helping you and your friends would all be having babies too.

But now, families live further away, your mum might be working full time and your friends may be putting off starting a family for a while. Or they may have had children but are busy working and raising a family too. Everyone just got busy. And so did you.

A maternity concierge gives you a hand like your mum would. They help you organise the baby shower like your family would. They help you decide what pram to get like your friends would. They are like your personal PA for your transition into motherhood. This makes them knowledgeable and experienced at what you need to get done during this time but they also personalise it to you and what you need.

What does a maternity concierge do?

A maternity concierge can help you prepare for the baby, including setting up the nursery, organising your baby shower, purchasing baby items and packing your hospital bag. They should also be able to help you manage the household, help care for your other children, complete errands and tackle your to do list. You might want help writing the thankyou cards or sending out birth announcements. Some women use a maternity concierge for the duration of the pregnancy, and while they are adjusting to a newborn, while others use the service for a short time period to help them when they need it most. It’s a personalised service to cater to your needs.

Who uses a maternity concierge?


You thought you were busy before with work, errands, housework and fitting in a social life too. But then you got pregnant. Yay! And as the weeks go along, you realise how much you still have to get done before the baby arrives. That’s where a maternity concierge comes in. A good maternity concierge will not only help you prepare for the baby but also personalise their service to help you tackle your to do list.


How can one tiny person need so much stuff? What do I need? A maternity concierge can help you figure out what you need, how to set up your nursery and what to pack in your hospital bag. It can be reassuring to know you’re as prepared as you can be for the arrival of your little one.


For anyone that has had severe morning sickness, you know how hard it is to get anything done. Especially if you already have other children that need you as well. Then there are some women that suffer complications during pregnancy that they never saw coming. Some need to go on bedrest either at home or in the hospital. For these women, it is so frustrating to have so many things needing to be done and be helpless to do them. This is the reason why I became a maternity concierge.

My Bedrest Experience

I became a maternity concierge after experiencing a difficult pregnancy myself. I developed pre-eclampsia at 28 weeks and was put on modified bedrest until I was induced at 38 weeks. I was told not to go out and not to do any housework. While I felt fine, I knew I had to do what was best for my baby and my health. I understand how stressful it is to have the housework mounting up, the nursery to complete, errands to do and feel so guilty about leaving it all to your family. I was told to enjoy putting my feet up, but that was easier said than done! I had never heard of a maternity concierge, but I knew that women in my position need a helping hand. I hope to help as many women enjoy their pregnancy as possible. We all need a helping hand sometimes.

Pregnancy is not always easy, but with a little help, you can focus on enjoying this time and preparing for what’s to come.

For more information on my concierge service, go to www.bedrestsolutions.com.au or call Vanessa on 0435 058 509.
We wish you all the best for your pregnancy journey.

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