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Birth information

7 Things You Can Do To Speed Up C-Section Recovery

What does faster C-section recovery after pregnancy mean? It can mean different things to different people at different stages of their post-partum recovery which is why it is important to adopt a holistic perspective that addresses all factors that can speed up C-section recovery and assist in returning new mothers to optimal health.

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Having a planned birth? Every extra week counts.

Planned birth in the absence of any risk factors for mother or baby should not occur before 39 weeks. If we do this, we will reduce the likelihood of short-term problems and also improve children’s longer-term development.

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6 Things to prepare you for post-birth that you probably didn't know about

We spend so much time preparing ourselves for birth, we often don’t give much thought to what happens after our baby is born. Here are six things we think you really should know about.

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Five reasons why you should see a Physiotherapist after giving birth

Your medical appointments after having a baby are not adequate for giving you the all clear to exercise - here are five reasons why you need to see a physiotherapist after giving birth

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Pregnancy nutrition

Food Choices for a Healthy Pregnancy

While you’re pregnant, your body protects and nurtures your baby. You can provide the essential nutrients your baby needs by eating the right foods throughout your pregnancy and while you're trying to conceive. Don’t forget that what you eat today can affect your baby’s health tomorrow.

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Vegan Pregnancy: Mission IS Possible

Following a vegan diet throughout your pregnancy? Let me remind you of the key nutrients vegan mothers-to-be need to focus on for a healthy pregnancy.

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The 4 best fish to eat during pregnancy

Omega 3 is one of the most important nutrients that we should be focusing on during pregnancy. Omega 3 is essential for the development of your baby’s eyes and brain, and a lack of omega 3 is believed to increase the risk of post-natal depression.

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Why mushrooms are good for you and baby

This article explains and shows the nutritional value of mushrooms for infants and for women during pregnancy.

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Pregnancy health

Benefits of Floatation Therapy During Pregnancy

Some of the benefits you will experience from floating during pregnancy include reduced swelling, lower blood pressure, reduced stress, enhanced Mum-Bub Bonding and more...

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Pregnant Ladies LOVE to FLOAT!

One group that benefits almost immediately when stepping into a float tank are pregnant women. Experiencing a near-zero gravity environment to stress relief, improved sleep, managing leg cramps, and finding a deepened emotional connection to their child, mums-to-be find tremendous benefits from float tanks!

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Pregnancy concerns & diet solutions

Pregnancy is exciting, exhilarating and totally different for every woman. Below is a list of some common pregnancy concerns plus some positive action steps you can take that might help make your pregnancy all it can be.

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Pro pregnancy tips for a healthy pelvic floor

There are things you can do to prepare your core, pelvis and pelvic floor for childbirth. And whether your baby is delivered by c-section or vaginally, your pelvis and your body need a little extra love to recover and repair. Here are five pro tips.

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