Whooping Cough Vaccination with Light for Riley

At our Perth Expo, Light for Riley will have immunisation nurses available to vaccinate pregnant Mums against whooping cough and influenza.

They will also have private whooping cough and flu vaccines available for Dads, Grandparents and anyone else needing a vaccine, with proceeds going towards The Immunisation Foundation of Australia.

They will also be handing out immunisation information packs, giving away free "Beat the Bugs" books for kids, and sharing Riley's important and educational story.

Greg & Catherine Hughes lost their beautiful son Riley to Whooping Cough in 2015 at just 32 days old. After his passing, they founded  the Light for Riley campaign and the Immunisation Foundation of Australia  to ensure that Riley’s passing was not in vain by educating families on the importance of vaccination.

In Australia, it is recommended that pregnant women receive a whooping cough vaccine from 20 weeks onwards. This vaccine is safe in pregnancy and provides the unborn baby with the necessary antibodies to protect them from this terrible disease.