Advice Centre for Pregnancy & Baby Health, Settling & Safe Sleeping

The best professional expert advice from Safe Sleep Space, Nourish Baby, River’s Gift and Soteria.

Have all your health and safe sleeping questions answered at the Advice Centre for Pregnancy & Baby Health, Settling & Safe Sleeping. Midwives, Registered Nurses and Child Health and Safety Teams will be available for you to ask any questions and seek evidence-based education and information to assist you on your journey.

Ask anything! For example: What happens if I have a Caesarean section; What is a vacuum extraction birth; Why does my baby need to sleep on the back; Can I wrap my baby; How do I settle my baby without using controlled crying? Is a nursery product I’ve bought safe?

Qualified experts will help you with information and advice, some that you may not have even thought of!

The journey between a pregnancy and a child’s 3rd birthday is one of the most amazing times not only for the parents and their child, but their extended family – grandparents, aunts, uncles – friends and community.

The Pregnancy & Parenting Journey is one of wonder and one where a unique window of opportunity opens to build healthier pregnancy outcomes and ensure safe sleeping and settling experiences for your newborn.

Doing the research in pregnancy and the early weeks/months after having your baby is vital.

Our experts will be on hand each day of Expo, ready to chat with you – and anyone who might be caring for your bub!

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