Hairstyling tips for dad and daughter

By Ann-Marie Antic, Tot Glamour

Dads often tell me that they are daunted by doing their daughters hair especially when they are small and wiggly.

Here are 5 tips that Ann-Marie from Tot Glamour tells dads that make the experience easier and fun.

1. Start doing your daughters hair from when they are born                                 

Get involved from birth to do your little princesses hair.  For babies as many do not have hair I recommend putting in a cute little headbands, which are safe to be worn from newborn. This will allow your girl to get used to having something on her head and will make it easier when you want to do her hair at a later stage. This also helps you build the confidence in touching and doing your girls hair.

2. Distract your child

Depending on the age, will depend on the distraction required. When my daughter was younger (up to around 18 months) a small toy worked well or I would sing to her while doing her hair. Now I usually find a good time is at breakfast while she is eating or when her favourite show is playing. Before I do her hair I tell her that I am going to be doing her hair and let her know as I find she does not like me touching her hair without her knowing.

3. Reward your child

This is a great time to compliment your children on how well they behaved while you did their hair and how proud you are of them for sitting still. Show them their hair either with mirrors or by taking a picture and then tell them how beautiful or pretty they look. You will find that they enjoy this and love the encouragement. 

Sometimes when I desperately need her hair done when I got out, I use lollipops, but you may consider a healthy alternative that they would like as a reward.

4. Comb her hair when it’s wet

As soon as you're done washing your girl’s hair, comb it with a wide-tooth comb. This will allow you to get the little knots out before they become big knots that are painful to comb and get out.  Remember to never use a brush on wet hair.

5. Add clips and headbands when you get to your destination

When you reach your destination, take your girl out of the car and she is stimulated by everything going on add the clip or headband to their hair. They are usually unaware you have placed something in there hair and won’t pull it out. Also at a young age kids tend to pull the hair accessories out of their hair in the car.

Look at the process of doing hair as a fun and enjoyable time of bonding with your daughter. With a bit of practise it will get easier and become second nature.

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