Childproofing your home

By Aussie Home Loans

Congratulations, your family is moving into your new home! No doubt you’re already planning who gets which bedroom, what direction the sofa should face and what colour to repaint the bathroom. But before you move in, also stop and ask yourself, “How do I make this home a safe, child-friendly zone?”.  PBC Expo spoke with Aussie Home Loans to get some tips on how you can childproof your home…

Every baby and department store has a plethora of gadgets, including the obvious: gates for stairs; child (and apparently grandparent) locks for kitchen cabinets; rubber corner guards for, well, corners.

Here are several safety tips we found priceless:

  1. Tie up your blinds’ cords or loop them out of reach. It’s amazing how quickly kids can wrap them around their necks
  2. Limit the temperature of your hot water system to 50 degrees or less. You may need an after-market device
  3. Install flywire (or mozzie nets if that’s impractical). An angry bite can keep a toddler (and you) up for hours overnight
  4. Secure bookcases and heavy furniture to the walls. Kids seem to have a knack for climbing furniture
  5. For winter, place heaters out of reach or put barriers around them until your children learn not to touch

You could also look at dedicating one room to toys and play, making it totally childproof. Not only can it give you a break from the constant monitoring, but your kids will have somewhere they can play independently, confidently and (sometimes) quietly.

The best way to childproof your home is to spend plenty of time teaching your kids about safe play. But it’s difficult to communicate that to babies and toddlers.

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