6 Essential Items For Easy Family Travel

By Megan Maden, Kooshy Kids

Travelling with your kids really is the best gift you can give them. Spending quality time together as a family creating memories and experiencing new places is invaluable, plus the benefits of travel to children’s learning and development are immeasurable. But let’s face it, travel, especially long distance with kids can be daunting and if the thought of it alone makes your stress-levels rise, then you will be pleased to know that there are some helpful travel items available to make it easier.


Keeping kids comfortable is vital to successful travel, especially on long-haul flights, which can be a nightmare if you don’t have a way of letting your child stretch out and lay flat for some sleep. Luckily there is a practical and affordable product available to help. The inflatable travel “Kooshions” from Kooshy Kids are absolute lifesavers when travelling on planes with kids. Little kids and big kids alike will love being able to put their feet up and relax (or even lay down for a sleep onboard!). Easily inflating between two plane seats, the durable Kooshion provides a flat, flexible and comfortable space. Don’t attempt air travel with young kids without one!


There is no doubt that Ipads and Tablets are great for keeping kids entertained, with the ability to pre-download their favourite shows, movies, e-books and games before travelling so they can watch them mid-flight. The Netflix app in particular is great with the ability to download shows before travelling and watch them even with no Wi-Fi connection. Don’t forget to charge them prior to travel!

If you’re looking for some alternate entertainment that engages kids creative minds and gives them a nice break from a screen there are some great travel friendly activity kits and games out there. Look for compact and portable sized activities that encourage independent play such as magnetic games, drawing and colouring books with pencils, stickers, puzzles and cards. Providing children with activities that foster creative play helps develop their imagination and fine motor skills as well as keep their little hands and minds busy.


Small sized toys are favorable to travel with as they are easy to pack and transport. Its best to avoid taking toys with several small parts as they can easily get lost or dropped under and in-between seats on planes.
Taking a favourite toy along for the adventure is a good idea as it can provide comfort for kids in unfamiliar environments and help them enjoy the journey. Plus if it’s a soft toy they usually sleep with, it can also help with getting them to nap when you’re travelling.


As every parent knows, kids can get cranky when they are hungry so snacks and water really are essentials when you’re travelling as a family. Its best to pack some snacks in your travel bag to have readily available - take something healthy as well as their favourites, or surprise them with something new. When flying take the snacks onboard in a separate easy to access bag and declare or ditch them when you arrive at your destination. Snacks are also a good way to pass time and keep kids quiet.
Also remember to always travel with a water bottle and encourage your kids to drink regularly. Hydration during plane travel is particularly important. When you’re out exploring, kids tend to run about and work up a thirst but may need reminding to drink some water. Depending on where you are travelling you may need to buy water along the way.


Travelling with a backpack style nappy bag instead of the traditional over the shoulder bag is more convenient and comfortable. It means your hands are free to hold the essentials, such as your child’s hand or the family’s passports, tickets, shopping, food etc. A backpack nappy bag, such as the Kooshy Kids On-The-Go Parent Backpack, can be both a stylish and practical option easily holding all of you and your child’s necessities.


A good quality, easy to use, compact and lightweight travel stroller is a great item when travelling with young kids. Chances are you are going to be out and about doing things, seeing the sights and discovering new places for a lot of the holiday. During these outings little legs will get tired and need a rest, so taking a stroller with you is a really good idea. There are a few brands out there so you might like to do some research before you make the investment.

The Yoyo Babyzen travel stroller is a particularly good product, ticking all the boxes and folding up small enough to have as your carry-on item (it fits easily into the overhead locker of a plane). Kids will love sitting up in their travel stroller resting, but still feeling part of the action. You may be able to hire a pram at your destination if you don’t want to purchase one and transport it.

So go on and book that family holiday and rest easy knowing that with the assistance of some useful items you can have a stress free travel experience with kids!

Note: The views and advice expressed on this blog post are those of the author and are not representative of the Pregnancy Babies & Children's Expo.

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