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General parenting

Balancing children with finance

An insight into the mind of a mother in finance and some words of wisdom on ‘spewed there, cleaned that’.

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How to prevent childhood poisoning

Poisoning is still one of the most important causes of childhood injury in Australia, leading to thousands of hospital admissions each year.

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Why it’s okay for children to be bored

The good news is that being bored is not such a bad thing for a child to be. In fact, recent research and countless experts have determined it’s actually good for children to be bored.

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Encouraging oral hygiene from a young age

Parents are encouraged to introduce good oral hygiene to their children from a young age. Here are some tips for you.

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Parenting help

Surrendering to motherhood

We are mothers: The guardians of sensitive, impressionable souls and providers of comfort, nurture and nourishment to the most worthy of beings.

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Filling children's emotional tanks

Imagine that each child has an emotional tank inside them, when they feel loved, that tank is full. When there’s a lot of whining, tears and bad behaviour, it is likely that their tank is on empty.

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Advice from one mum to another

Who better to turn to for advice that your own mum. We asked mums for that one piece of advice their own mum passed on and here they are - our top 6. After all, Mum's been there, done that!

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Why making time for you will benefit the whole family

It’s easy to put those you love first but it is so important for both yourself and your family that you find time to make positive impacts for yourself.

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