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Travelling during pregnancy

Whether travelling for work, a destination wedding or a 'babymoon', it is important for pregnant women to consider these factors before packing their bags.

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Germs101: how to protect your family from getting sick

The truth is that protecting yourself from germs can be fairly simple, and it just takes a bit of common sense.

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Meningococcal disease

Meningococcal disease is an acute bacterial infection that can result in death or permanent disability within hours

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Vaccinations in pregnancy and early childhood immunisations

The importance of vaccination, influenza and whooping cough vaccinations in pregnancy and a general overview on childhood immunisations.

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Whooping cough in Australia

We stood anxiously in the pediatrics intensive care unit (PICU), waiting for an update from Riley’s doctor. We had come down to the PICU earlier that morning, after learning Riley’s suspected whooping cough had now developed into pneumonia.

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