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Is bub having tummy troubles? You should consider goat’s milk formula

A whopping 86% of infants experience digestive problems, leading to crying babies and stressed-out parents looking for answers.

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What is grass fed milk and why does it matter when it comes to formula?

If the term ‘grass fed’ is new to you, we spoke to leading paediatric nutritionist and Wholesome Child founder, Mandy Sacher to explain exactly what makes this milk different, and why it matters.

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Giving your baby water - your guide

Many parents wonder “when can I give my baby water?” This guide from Tommee Tippee tells you everything you need to know.

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Methods of sterilisation

There are a number of methods of sterilisation to make sure your baby bottles are safe to use. Here is a guide courtesy of Tommee Tippee to help you find the right one.

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Dream feeding

Dream feeding is when a baby feeds during their sleep. Dream feeds can be done equally well with babies who are breast or bottle fed. The process of dream feeding generally means that a baby who is already asleep is picked up gently from their cot, placed in their parent’s arms and fed.

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How to create a special bond when bottle feeding your baby

With all the research and information surrounding the benefits of breastfeeding, mothers who are bottle feeding their baby can feel a little left out. And for those who would have preferred to breastfeed but for whatever reason weren’t able to, being constantly reminded of the “superior” aspects of breastfeeding can be difficult to cope with.

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