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Expressing - the how, when and where

Most mothers will express their breastmilk for their baby at some time - so this article helps to explain the how, the when and the where.

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New to breastfeeding? Common questions answered

Katie James, Education Manager at Medela answers some of the most common breastfeeding questions.

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Blocked ducts and mastitis

Mater Mothers explains the difference between blocked ducks and mastitis, the common causes of both and how to manage breastfeeding.

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The role of love hormone oxytocin when breastfeeding

This talk looks into the role of the hormone which helps you to breastfeed, bond and express milk.

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Breastfeeding problems – supply concerns

Does your baby want to feed more frequently or drink for shorter periods, or do your breasts seem softer? These are all completely normal occurrences but may worry you.

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Breastfeeding and returning to work

Many mums need to return to work whilst still breastfeeding. Here are some ways to make this an easy process for your employer, yourself and your baby.

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Go to guide for hygienic handling of expressed breastmilk

Important tips for hygienic handling of expressed breastmilk, Including storage, warming, cleaning and transportation.

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How do I know if my baby is getting enough breast milk?

Instead of looking at the volume markers on feeding bottles, it’s necessary to look for other, more subtle signs that your baby is getting enough milk to grow and thrive.

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Expressing breast milk – what no one else will tell you

When it comes to expressing breast milk, no matter what thinking, planning, dreaming and scheming women invest into predicting the need to do this and how their life as a mother generally will be, nothing can really prepare them for the truth.

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