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Becoming a dad

Although some fathers are able to invest emotionally in their children during their partner’s pregnancy, for others, it's only when their child is born that they really start to have a relationship with it.

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Blokes and birth - how important are they?

Whilst it is understandable that birth does at first glance appear to be a woman’s domain there is a massive contribution that men can make. Some of the fundamentals of birth need to be understood in order to contribute positively.

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10 qualities of a good dad

Here are 10 qualities that are proving significant, in helping our kids grow to be resilient, healthy individuals.

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21 tips to help my dad connect with me

Helping my dad connect with me. An easy to read, step by step guide, which explores the significant stages of child development for ways men can connect with their child.

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How do you know how to be a dad?

Where do men get their guides to fatherhood? What are the helpful and unhelpful aspects of the role of dad handed down to men.

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