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Baby massage

Tips to help make bath time tears-free

Not sure how or when to bath your newborn? Here is our tears-free guide to bathing your baby.

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Baby handling for optimal physical development

Mater Mothers’ Private physiotherapist shares their expertise to encourage your baby’s optimal physical development.

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Massage and colic

Colic can be a very stressful time, not only for the baby who is crying from pains in their tummy, but also for mum, who can be feeling helpless or exhausted.

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The benefits of baby massage for you and baby

According to the International Association of Infant Massage, there is both research and anecdotal evidence from families which shows that there are many ways that babies and parents may benefit from baby massage.

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Why active babies make smart kids

Babies who have the right early movement experiences in their first year have better coordination, concentration, memory, behaviour and perception as they get older.

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