Why Pregnancy/Nursing Activewear?!

By Joanne Shepherd, MUMMACTIV

Exercise is a vital part of a healthy pregnancy and just because you have a bump doesn’t mean you should compromise on comfort and style in your activewear. During Pregnancy the body is constantly changing. Mummactiv Pregnancy Activewear adjusts with the changing body. All items are made from a high performance fabric that provides for transitional pieces. This them means that Mums can wear it even postpartum.

Being active helps to alleviate symptoms like back pain, prevent excess weight gain and improve sleep. It can also decrease the risk of developing conditions like gestational diabetes and keeps the body strong and prepared for birth (training for labour). There are an increasing number of scientific studies that are showing a baby in utero can benefit from regular workouts.

The band on the pants is designed to provide extra belly support additional support to the lower back, the reduction of joint pain, improved posture awareness and core stability. They can also support the uterus during any physical activity. Whether worn over your belly or folded down below your bump, it will keep your belly and your body supported exactly as you wish throughout your pregnancy and beyond. Mummactiv signature black legging's band also curves to mimic the bump line so that there is no cutting in making it a lot more comfortable.

Why wear a nursing bra during Pregnancy? Even though your breasts are changing shape and growing at sometimes what feels like an alarming rate they need the correct care. From quite early on in pregnancy the breasts can start to lactate and if an underwire bra is worn then the milk ducts can be affected. Mummativ Nursing Bras all have a supportive under band and are made from a super soft performance material so that the sensitive nipples will not get agitated.

As luxe activewear and athleisure trends continue to sweep the market, the stylish range from Mummactiv is a far cry from daggy gym gear. So if you are after fashion and function look no further....

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