What a good day is like for me as a parent

By Judy Wu, Calmbee

Babies don't come with a handbook or trouble-shooting guide. I'm sure 99% of parents wish they did. We receive or ask for advice from other parents, grandparents and even professionals in the field, but sometimes no matter how many people you talk to, your child just won't sleep or eat like other people's child. I think we can all agree that every child is different. They are like a custom made sorting shape that just won't fit into a pre-made shape hole. Which is why it makes this parenting gig that much harder!

As a first-time parent, I did my "homework", I read as many parenting books as I could, from disciplining to feeding, to the best activities to help stimulate their minds. I even read up on articles about the dangers of certain plastics and non-stick frying pans! Just like all parents on earth, I wanted only the best and safest products for my child.

In my research, I learnt that stainless steel 304 was the best grade of stainless steel you could get. Plastic numbers 2,4 and 5 were the safest of all the plastics. BPA, phthalates, parabens and lead are just some other nasty chemicals that ended up on my no-no list. Globalisation and technology has it perks, we can now buy everything from the convenience of our own home. Wait a few days and a hunky postman will appear at your doorstep with your much-anticipated parcel. Though we are spoilt with so many choices, we still need to sort and filter to find the best product that suits our needs.

When I couldn’t find the perfect bib that would tick all the boxes for me, I decided to create it. Yes, I was desperate. Combining my knowledge of what I had learned about harmful chemicals with my must have features in a bib. The Calmbee came to life.

Nowadays, when my children wear their Calmbee bibs, I let them be, because I know their clothes are protected, the highchair is protected; there is less mess on the floor. And that, to me, is a good day.

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