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Our FREE Workshops provide you with hands-on experience and practical information from trusted, experienced professionals. Get hands-on and have your questions answered.

The schedule below shows all Workshops planned for our upcoming 2019 Expo, as well as Workshop times.

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Safe Sleeping Environment

Join in at 10:45am (every day)

This Safe Sleeping Environment Workshop from experts at Red Nose demonstrates techniques to safe sleep babies and toddlers in your care. Qualified midwives will demonstrate:

  • How to dress your baby safely, including safe wrapping techniques, using wraps, sleep bags, and blankets
  • How to set up a safe nursery
  • How to set up a safe cot
  • How to position your baby safely in the cot
  • Ask the midwives: your safe sleeping questions answered

You will also have the hands-on opportunity to practice these techniques.

Duration: 30 minutes
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Baby massage techniques

Join in at 11:30am (every day) or 1:00pm (every day)

There are many ways babies may benefit from infant massage.

This introductory session will teach you how to recognise your baby's signals in regards to when they do (and don't) want massage, how to choose an appropriate oil for your infant or child and a basic stroke routine.

Learn about the wonderful benefits of massage for both parent and child in this ‘hands on’ and informative workshop. Bring your baby for a truly special bonding experience or practice on one of our lifelike baby dolls in readiness for your little one’s upcoming arrival.

Come and experience our baby massage introduction workshop - the first 15 people attending the workshop will receive a FREE GAIA Natural Baby Goody Bag. If you are participating in the workshop with your bub (0-8months) you will also receive a free GAIA Natural Baby 50ml Massage Oil.

Duration: 30 minutes
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First aid for babies and toddlers - choking

Join in at 12:15pm (every day)

Would you know what actions to take if your baby or child choked?

In this first aid Workshop, you will learn some of the most important life saving techniques that any parent or parent to be should know.

A Paediatric Nurse instructor from Child Revive First Aid will present on choking emergencies that involve infants and young children. This hands-on workshop will cover:

  • The range of choking presentations
  • A demonstration on how to assist them using the infant and child manikins
  • Audience will have the opportunity to practice the choking management techniques

Duration: 30 minutes
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Medical Red Flags & Your Baby

Join in at 1:50pm (every day)

Specialist Speaker: Ambassadors from The Parentmedic Movement

This medical Workshop covers what every parent should know before bringing baby home.

This Workshop will provide parents with the "red flags" to identify when their child needs medical help. A trained Parentmedic Ambassador will provide what to look out for, and who to get help from. These topics are the top reasons a parent will go to an emergency room or rush to their local GP in fear and needing help.

Know what you need to know to help when these times occur. Topics covered:

1. Identify when baby is not breathing properly
2. Baby's first fever
3. Dehydration
4. Rashes

All Parentmedic Ambassadors complete a 6-week online course and meet certain criteria to ensure they are providing up-to-date information in First Aid and Safety. Ambassadors come from a range of backgrounds in health and education.

Duration: 30 minutes
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Antenatal class - your newborn

Join in at 2:45pm (every day)

Every baby and every mother are different but if you have mastered the basics you will feel more confident in the first weeks after baby is born.

This active workshop style class starts at the beginning and covers every single little thing from the types of nappies, to how to wrap and bath baby. Having a hands on try of many different aspects of newborn care mean the first time you touch your baby you will know what to do.

Spaces are limited in this class for hands on experience, so be early.

Duration: 30 minutes
More information:

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Safe Return To Exercise After A Baby

Join in at 3:30pm (every day)

Kangatraining Australia & Manduca Baby Carriers proudly present this Safe Return to Exercise After A Baby session.  

Kangatraining is a fun, safe, multi award-winning, low-impact postnatal workout for Mums and Bubs incorporating babywearing, cardio endurance and muscular strength with a strong focus on pelvic health.

This Workshop will include:
- What Is Kangatraining?
- Kangatraining Demonstration
- Meet The Kangatrainers
- Question and Answer session

Duration: 30 minutes
More information: kangatraini...o/index.php

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Note: Session times and content subject to change. The views and advice expressed during the workshops are those of the presenters and are not representative of the Pregnancy, Babies & Children's Expo.