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What to pack in your hospital bag!

What to pack in your hospital bag!

With my third baby on the way, I need a reminder of what to pack in my hospital bag too! First of all, don’t panic. This looks like a LOT OF STUFF, but it’s likely you won’t need it all.

Some things will make handy back-ups, like a loose nightie if you need a catheter for any reason. The flip flops (or thongs as we say in Australia) are great to wear in the shower and some people won’t care about pillow density, but there’s nothing like a pillow from home for comfort.

Also take into consideration how many days you think you’ll be in hospital. Some mamas will be in there for five and some women will head home asap. If you don’t plan on being there for most of a week, don’t pack the world. You can always send someone home or down to the convenience store to stock up on what you’re missing.

Make sure you ask the maternity ward of your hospital for the list of things they supply. No point taking a whole aisle of pads and nappies if they’ll be there for you! This list doesn’t include nappies and wipes needed during the stay (for both my births they were provided along with maternity pads, but every hospital is different.)

The most important thing for you to have? Yourself! There’s a lot of talk of when you should go to the hospital. Listen to the professionals and if you feel like you should be there, GO.

You may get sent home or you may not. But there’s no harm in peace of mind.

Good luck and happy packing!


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