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What Makes Quality Child Care?

What Makes Quality Child Care?

When choosing child care, parents often ask what they should be looking for in a centre. As all Child Care Centres in Brisbane are different and as each family has differing needs when it comes to care, it is important that parents take the time to visit several centres before making their choice. It can be difficult to even ascertain what it is exactly that you and your child needs until you’ve seen what’s offered.

The following are some guidelines as to what to book for before enrolling your child in care.

1. Visit several centres.

It is imperative to ensure you view multiple child care centres in Brisbane so that you know what each of them are offering. When you visit, make sure you take a tour of facilities, talk to the staff and Director. Visiting multiple centres will allow you to narrow down what it is exactly that you are after in terms of location, facilities, activities and staffing. Make sure to take note of how they make you feel as a potential parent. Were you made welcome?

2. Are the babies, children and staff generally happy and occupied in play?

When visiting these child care centres in Brisbane, watch to see how the children interact with each other and with the staff. Do they seem happy and engaged in play? Are all children involved?

3. Is there plenty of equipment both age appropriate and in good condition?

The age appropriateness of equipment is very important in ensuring your child is getting the most out of the centre, and progressing and developing skills as they should. Equipment should be in good condition and appropriate to the age group or development level of the child using it.

4. Does the centre appear clean, safe, appealing and well organised?

Make sure you see as much of each centre as possible. A good child care centre should appear clean and safe, and should be happy to show you around. While many centres will differ in terms of their décor and overall styling, it should still come across as appealing, well-organised, in good working order and clean.

5. What does the centre provide i.e. nappies, food, extra-curricular activities?

Different child care centres in Brisbane will offer different inclusions and extras. Some might offer lunchtime meals and nappies, while others might offer out-of-hours care, optional sports and activities and music programs. Find out what is included and what you or your child might be able to choose as an add-on to the standard program and activities - now, and as the child ages.

6. Do the staff appear proud of their programs they are providing?

The staff should be proud of what they offer to all children and parents, in terms of the programs, activities and facilities offered. Ask them what they enjoy, how the children respond, and what they feel the kids get the most out of.

7. Is there an orientation process for settling new children?

How does the centre go about introducing new children? Ask about their orientation processes and how your child would be settled into the centre.

8. Is the centre accredited with the National Childcare Accreditation Council?

Don’t be afraid to ask about centre accreditation. At Brisbane City Child Care, we are incredibly proud of having received a rating of “Exceeding National Quality Standard’ in all 7 quality areas. This is the highest rating an education and care service can achieve under the National Quality Framework.

Our final suggestion is to let your natural parenting instincts and recommendations from others be your best guide when making your decision on child care. Ask your friends and family for child care centre recommendations in Brisbane, and if something doesn’t feel quite right about a centre, the chances are it may not be a good fit for you and your child.

Brisbane City Child Care is a family-run child care centre in the Brisbane CBD. We have many years’ experience working in child care, a team of highly-skilled, passionate staff, and top-class facilities featuring an open-air playground. Come and say hello at the expo to view our virtual tour, book an in-person tour of the centre, or to ask us any questions you might have. We hope to see you there!

Find out more about Brisbane City Child Care here