What do I need for postpartum care?

What do I need for postpartum care?

When planning for a baby we have everything ready. The nursery looks perfect. You persuaded your partner that the colour scheme is exactly right and you’ve found the PERFECT cot and Moses Basket. Clothes of all ages up to 2 years are hanging fully organised in the wardrobe, stuffed toys scattered tastefully around the room. You even have a lovely rocking chair for feeding the little bundle when they finally arrive.

Well done!! You have everything. Right???!!!

Well what about YOU Mama what will YOU need after your baby is born?

Peri Bottle

Your body goes through so much during childbirth. Believe me there will be some DAMAGE down there. There will be stretching, there will be swelling, there will be tearing and there will be haemorrhoids! Keeping your perineum stitches clean and dry is an important part of the healing process and reducing the risk of infections.

Using a peri bottle, as well as managing cleanliness, allows you to reduce your discomfort on the toilet by diluting urine - which can often sting in the immediate days after a tear. Adding a little witch hazel to the warm water in the peri bottle can be very soothing and promote healing.

After use, very gently pat dry, better still go underwear free! Lay down a towel and lay on your side with your knees bent and together. It's an excellent way to let the area breathe and heal. Just remember to close those blinds! ️We recommend taking your peri bottle to the hospital to use straight away. Make sure that you’ve given it a wash in warm soapy water before use. Pack it into your hospital bag and you will be good to go from the very beginning.

Sitz Bath Soak

Another wonderful relief for those sore lady parts is using a sitz soak. A sitz bath is a shallow bowl that you place on the toilet and sit in to soak your tender parts. Many women find this much more convenient and quicker than soaking in the tub (who’s got time for that when you’ve just had a baby??!).

You can soak just in warm water or add a lovely natural sitz soak blend to promote the healing and ease the swelling, pain and often itchiness that women experience after childbirth.

Disposable Underwear

Early postpartum days can be messy. The last thing a new Mama should be thinking about is laundry and dealing with stained underwear and so buying some disposable underwear is highly recommended.

You need underwear which is nice and big as well as soft stretchy. They also need to be able to handle the massive pads and possibly ice packs which will be needed in those early days so it’s a good idea to opt for underwear especially made for postpartum.

Some come with a pad inbuilt (a bit like the toddler nappies) but others are just large, soft and stretchy, made especially to be disposable and to accommodate the necessary postpartum extras like the pads and ice packs.

Bra Extenders

From around week 12 of your pregnancy your ribcage will start to expand to accommodate your growing bump. It’s so important to make sure you have a correctly fitting bra during your pregnancy and postpartum time.

Bra extenders are an excellent way of helping during those in between periods to give you room to breathe when you need it.

Article supplied by Ninja Mama.