There are too many disposable nappies going into landfill

There are too many disposable nappies going into landfill

Babies are amazing little things and the parenting journey, while full of rewards can be extremely daunting.

One of the many decisions to make, is what type of nappy is the best for your baby, especially when you consider that you will use over 8-10,000 nappies during your babies’ infancy, so getting this question right, will not only impact you and your family, but the environment too.

A staggering 3.75 million disposable nappies are used each day in Australia and New Zealand, and it takes about one cup of crude oil to make each nappy. This is a lot of landfills, with conventional disposable nappies estimated to take up to 150 years to break down. (Sustainability Victoria Jan 22).

Disposable nappies accounted for approximately 40 per cent of all nappy use in Australia. In the last few decades this figure has increased to 95%. With the average baby changed six to eight times a day, this represents about 2500 nappies for each child per year. The average age of children being toilet trained has also increased over recent decades adding to the volume of nappies going to landfill.

Cloth nappies are inconvenient and use large amounts of chemicals and water to clean and are prone to leaks and nappy rash. Disposable nappies are clearly bad for the environment. And, all of this before we even start talking about wipes, which are just as bad!

So, is there a good alternative? YES

Compostable eco-friendly nappies and wipes made from bamboo are more sustainable and nourish the earth as they breakdown. Admittedly, they are not perfect - they still contain small amounts of plastic (think tabs and elastic), but they go a long way to solving the problem.

And while the major manufacturers will have you believe that any eco-friendly nappies available will not perform well, this is just not the case. Eco-nappies, in general, perform just as well, if not better than conventional disposables. When you buy Bamboo nappies you are making a conscious choice to help make a better world for your little one.

Article supplied by Panda Baby Supplies.