Five benefits of babywearing

Five benefits of babywearing

Any parent would understand what if feels like to wish they had more hands. Busy parents often need to simultaneously juggle cooking dinner for the family, making sure the toddler doesn’t get into anything they shouldn’t and bathing the baby. Did you know there is an easy solution to these problems?

Babywearing allows parents and caregivers the freedom to continue their normal routines, at the same time as holding baby close and making the most of those fleeting moments that we all cherish.

So, in honour of all the babywearers out there and for those who are keen to find out more, here are some benefits of babywearing.

Hands free convenience

By wearing your baby around the house and on your adventures together, you will have both hands free. Yes, it means that you do not have an excuse to get out of the vacuuming or laundry, but it also gives you more reason to get out together, go to a sporting event or simply sit down at a café together as a family and enjoy that much needed coffee, all while cuddling baby.

Increased bonding

The sweet smelling scent of your newborn and the feeling of your baby’s gentle breath on your skin as they sleep against your chest is something that a parent never forgets, no matter how much time goes by. Unfortunately that time goes way too fast, but through babywearing you are able to make the most of every second. The closeness and positive touch between the two of you relaxes and connects you both.

Easy access breastfeeding

Most would agree that having your favourite meal on demand 24/7, would be a dream come true. You can grant your baby this wish when babywearing, allowing them constant and easy access to their main food source, mum’s breasts. By feeding on demand you minimize the energy baby wastes from hunger crying, which means there is more left over to enjoy playtime and giggles with mum and dad.

Baby friendly fitness

We cannot guarantee you will get abs of steel from babywearing, however we can guarantee an increase in muscle strength, better circulation and fitness in general. Wearing your baby is a fantastic way to get out and get active, whether it be a light walk with the family dog or a mountain hike together… as long as you have a baby attached to you, you are participating in weight bearing, aerobic exercise.

Babywearing is fun

It is a big world out there and there is nothing that makes your heart flutter more than watching your baby’s eyes light up as they react to all the wonders around them. Wearing your child in a carrier allows you to talk to them and gives them the ability to see what you see, and do everything thing that you do. This brings your baby so much joy as they begin to interact more and more with you and other people each and every day. No matter who you are, you will find yourself falling more in love with babywearing and the wonderful, tiny person that you are carrying, as you explore the world together- heart to heart and connected as one.

Baby carriers offer parents added flexibility in the midst of a busy lifestyle and are a fantastic way to promote bonding with your new baby. However, having the ability and freedom to continue your daily routine at the same time as holding your baby close is just a bonus. A soft structured baby carrier, vitally ensures that your baby has appropriate support throughout their hips, spine and neck whilst their muscles are still developing. These carriers are suitable from newborn until toddlerhood.

Baby wearing is an art that all parents, from the novices to the expert babywearers, can enjoy.

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