The top 3 reasons to start using cloth nappies

The top 3 reasons to start using cloth nappies

Cloth Nappies have been around for more than 100 years! That's right, our parents were most likely in cloth nappies, and their parents before them! Although they have been around for quite some time, for many, they feel like the wild frontier.

1. They’re easier to use than you think

Gone are the days of nappies made from old towelling squares and chunky pins; requiring bleaching, scouring or soaking! Modern cloth nappies in today’s market will generally feature eco-friendly and natural fibre blended inserts that simply snap or sit into the lining of a beautifully designed outer water-resistant nappy cover. Most cloth nappies will cater for a one-size fit from birth to toilet training via custom snap detailing to alter the length and width as your bub grows!

The convenience of nappy changing, using reusables with a modern cloth nappy system, means there has never been a better time to switch from disposable to cloth than now!

The idea of using disposables may sound convenient, but finding your flow with a simple machine-wash routine that can also cater to your regular household laundry will come naturally over time. We have all the washing information you may need to get into a routine!

2. Save money

Another side to consider when it comes to nappy-ing your little one, is the amount of money disposables end up costing over time. They can be a strain on the household budget, so opting for a product that can be washed and used, over-and-over, is a handy cost-effective solution that increasing numbers of families are opting to implement in Australia.

The average baby from birth to toddler will require 6,000 nappy changes and more than double in baby wipes. This equates to costs averaging up to $5,000 per child! The financial savings you benefit from switching to cloth are huge, and the best part about it is knowing you can just reuse your cloth nappies for your next little one.

3. Minimise your impact on the environment

Did you know hundreds and hundreds of tonnes of disposable nappies get thrown into landfills each year in Australia alone? It takes approximately 500 years for a disposable nappy to decompose, so a soiled disposable nappy will be sitting in a landfill for generations to come. The long-lasting negative impact on our environment as a result of disposables is something that is encouraging more parents in Australia to choose cloth.

Article supplied by Bare and Boho