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The St John Ambulance (NSW) Baby First Aid Kit + why you need one NOW!

The St John Ambulance (NSW) Baby First Aid Kit + why you need one NOW!

Did you know that every year, over 58,000 children are hospitalised by unintentional injuries, most of which can be prevented? By ensuring you have a well-stocked and prepared first-aid kit on hand means that you can rest easy knowing that if an emergency strikes, you can act effectively.

Complete with a detachable baby change mat, this essential easy-to-carry kit is a must for parents and carers of babies and toddlers. It contains all the items you need to treat common first aid situations and is perfect to keep in the nursery, nappy bag, or your car!

Whether you’re a parent or carer to a baby or toddler – you know that accidents are inevitable!

The kit includes:

1 x Detachable Baby Change Mat

1 x Nitrile Gloves 2s (Large)

1 x CPR Face Shield

1 x Gauze Swabs 5s

2 x Saline Eye & Wound Irrigation (15mL)

2 x Adhesive Island Dressings

10 x Adhesive Galaxy-themed Strips

2 x Cleansing Wipes

1 x CPR Action Plan Wallet Card

10 x Baby Wipes

5 x Nappy Bags

1 x Infant Emergencies Quick Guide

1 x St John Online Course

It’s the perfect solution to treat any common first aid emergency. The best part? You can even store all your child’s medicine inside the kit too! This means that you can have all your child’s needs in one, easy to carry pack.

With babies and toddlers, accidents are inevitable so make sure you’re ready to respond.

Article provided by St John Ambulance (NSW).