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The importance of play in the development of babies

The importance of play in the development of babies

Montessori Academy shows new parents the importance of play in the development of babies from the Montessori model perspective.

This Bupa Parenting Insights talk is given by Maria Keshavarz from Montessori Academy. Maria focuses on the following topics:

  • The importance of the first six years to the development of the child’s personality and intelligence
  • Sensitive periods in an infant’s development (periods of time when an infant is most receptive to learning new skills/knowledge areas)
  • Recognising sensitive periods in an infant
  • How infant play fosters meaningful learning
  • Play based Montessori learning activities for infants 0 – 12 months, including: cognitive activities, motor activities, sensory activities, sensory activities, social activities, language activities, practical life activities

This video is beneficial to new and expecting parents.

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