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The do's and don'ts when capturing your pregnancy

The do's and don'ts when capturing your pregnancy

Do – look for the best light

Ensure the light is to the side of you or your subject. So if you are using window light, ensure the window light is coming from the right of frame travelling to the left. This helps create a flattering shadow, slimming to the arms, backs and hiding hips.

Do - cover what you're self-conscious about

Use your hands or partners arms to hide the things you don’t want to see. Try placing a hand directly over a tattoo or stretch mark, or you can also slim your arms simply by covering with a partner’s arms.

Don’t - do anything you don’t want to

Who said you had to show your skin for a great pregnancy photo? If you don’t want to show it, then you don’t have to. Not everyone wants to see a semi-naked photo of themselves in years to come! As long as you feel confident and happy with what you’re wearing, that will shine through in your photographs.

Do - accessorise

Kimono’s and dressing gowns are a favourite item to add personality and to flatter yourself. They can add colour and personality and they fall over the hips and thighs to hide extra lumps we don’t necessarily want to be reminded of.

Don’t - worry about perfection

Capturing your pregnancy is beautiful and great for memories. But it doesn’t have to be perfect remembering the imperfections can be just as special – stretchmarks can be badges of honour and life and pregnancy is not perfect so your photos don’t have to be.

Do - Smile

We see so many beautiful solemn new mother photos, these are definitely beautiful – but show how excited you are about your babies arrival and don’t be afraid to SMILE large and with love.

Tips supplied by Enhance Studios