The benefits of probiotics for pregnancy

The benefits of probiotics for pregnancy

Congratulations! Now that you’re pregnant, you’re also public property. People will comment - asked for or not - so buckle up for 9 months of unsolicited advice on the size, shape and general nature of your bump.

You can also count on plenty of health advice for yourself. Sometimes this is helpful, though at others more so incorrect and overwhelming. Not what you need right now, no ma’am. Good vibes only please: You’ve got nesting to do, snacks to eat and naps to take before they’re a thing of the past.

If you’re looking for health support that’s research backed and easy to use, probiotics are queen. We’re not just talking about cold prevention or de-bloating (though probiotics do these excellently.) Your refrigerate friendlies actually perform a number of tricks specifically fabulous for pregnant bods. They’re safe to take, though if you’re not completely confident or have a complex health history please check with your practitioner first. Some clever things probiotics are known to do while that gorgeous bun of yours bakes, include:

Reducing your risk of preeclampsia:

Some Norwegian brains found daily consumption of probiotics while preggers lowered the risk of developing preeclampsia by a hefty amount: 20% in fact. This is because probiotics are great at reducing systemic inflammation. Preeclampsia can be a pretty serious business - issues like high blood pressure, organ failure and other health risks get bundled in for that nasty ride - so daily broad spectrum probiotic supplementation is a great place to start for a whole bunch of pay offs in symptom prevention.

Reducing your risk of gestational diabetes:

In pregnancy, blood sugar disturbances can evolve beyond feeling hangry when you’re needing snacks. Gestational Diabetes can develop, which is associated with birth interventions or injuries for your little love and more chronic health conditions later in life for you. No thanks, GD: Thank goodness for Lactobacillus rhamnosus. This well researched probiotic helps modulate blood sugar metabolism and glucose levels, meaning better protection for you and your precious cargo. What a little ripper.

Help avoid eczema for your baby:

Speaking of Rhamnosus - it’s good for your baby’s skin too. In fact, 50% better if you’re an itchy kind of gal. Research has found Lactobacillus rhamnosus can lower the risk your temporary tennant will develop eczema once born. Even though you’re the one taking the supplement in this case, the eczema protection lasts for a full 11 years of your kiddo’s life... Talk about a long term investment. Supplement with our Baby Probiotic throughout your third trimester as well as the duration of any breastfeeding you find yourself doing to optimise results.

Help support growth and development for your baby:

C-reactive protein levels in early pregnancy can be problematic. It’s a marker that’s linked to low birth weight, complications during delivery, general inflammation and chronic health conditions for you. Essentially, this marker is a bit of a turd all round so keeping it’s levels on the lower side works best.

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