Technology addictions in our children

Technology addictions in our children

Parenting is a bloody hard gig most days (hats off to all you FIFO wives) but how come there was nothing ever in the brochure about dealing with technology and kids? It use to be all about nap time and how can I hide vegetables in my kids meals, when they were little..... but now, it is issues with technology and usage time.

Social Media is fantastic. It connects long lost friends, it stores lots of our memories and it is a really creative way to market a business. On the other hand, technology tests us as parents and it causes a lot of arguments and stress.

Don't get me wrong technology has allowed me to provide Elevate to 100's of women that need convenient access to workouts that don't have the time or access to other methods of fitness however some of the social media apps that kids are on today, are creating an unhealthy addiction.

I am constantly being questioned and compared to other parents. "Why can't you just be like other mums and let us charge our phones in our rooms at night?" Am I a mean mum? Am I out of line? Am I really the only one not allowing this?

I worry about my kids but I worry more about what life is going to be like when my kids have kids? I'm sure there is a greater reason why kids test us so much and give us grey hair!!!

But then in the same token, technology has allowed us to be able to bring exercise to so many women's lounge rooms throughout the world. What on earth will the future hold with our kids and the direction technology is heading in.....It worries me a lot. I actually own a locked box that their devices visit very often and they can't open it.

Article provided by Sheree Johansen from Elevate Live Virtual Training