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Stages of pregnancy: what to really expect when & before pregnancy

Stages of pregnancy: what to really expect when & before pregnancy

Stages of pregnancy: what to really expect when & before pregnancy

Presented by Dr Brad Robinson Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Greenslopes Private Hospital

Dr Brad Robinson takes us through all the stages of pregnancy. He is an expert obstetrician from Greenslopes Private Hospital, and he will help demystify the myths and superstitions that commonly surround pregnancy.

This is an interactive and engaging talk on what you should really expect at the different stages of pregnancy, looking firstly at pre-conception and the issues surrounding fertility and the process of trying to fall pregnant. In consultation with your doctor one of the first recommended steps is to organise all your antenatal blood work and to consider any vaccinations you may need to organise. Other recommendations include ensuring your own health is at it’s best which may involve more exercise and losing weight to increase your chances of falling pregnant.

Dr Robinson walks you through the stages of pregnancy covering from the first trimester and the unpleasantness of morning sickness, what to expect at each stage and right up to the delivery room. With an easy manner and with encouraging words such as “don’t be shy to ask”, what to discuss with your obstetrician and what to do if you have been in two minds about pain relief and finally decide on an epidural - this is a session not to be missed.

But we’ll let Dr Robinson tell you the rest! By watching his live Parenting Insights session, you’ll recognise his advice and insights as useful in giving women and couples a greater appreciation of the exciting and sometimes bumpy road that may lie ahead.

But of course beyond these different stages of pregnancy there is also once your baby has arrived to consider and recognising that some women can feel abandoned when they return home. There is often a feeling of isolation which comes hand in hand with post-natal depression but by being aware yourself and ensuring there is awareness within your family circle can help.

Find out more about Greenslopes Private Hospital at www.greenslopesprivate.com.au/