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Second Time Around Syndrome

Second Time Around Syndrome

Its been so interesting recently sitting back and observing myself during this second pregnancy. I’ve found myself more on the go, wanting to do more, take on more and with an ‘I can do it all attitude’, well except for the first trimester when I was quite ill!. However there is then the other part of me, where I’m completely exhausted, mentally scattered, emotional, and not present/connected to life or my growing baby inside. Its an interesting journey and thoughts on how we balance it all without burning the candle at both ends, being the best we can be for all that need us and creating space and down time to connect with the soul growing inside. Have any of you other second or even third time around mums felt the same?

I remember with my first Savannah, I read up on everything, goggled, bought books, found courses and did a complete 360 degrees in mindset from wanting the mainstream hospital birth to wanting and doing a natural hypnobirth and having a Doula. I felt so connected to this little one growing inside and I was living a simpler life, while keeping busy still learning and growing for her arrival.

I’m now 6months pregnant with this new little soul and I didn’t realize until recently that we only have 3months left until he arrives earth side and I haven’t been as present with him or the progression of this pregnancy. I guess it’s the case of been there done that, I’m all over it , mentality I do really feel this though. More confident this time around that everything will flow and my maternal instincts will remember how it was all done when the time arrives. Although I do also have moments of anxiousness where I wonder IF I will be able to handle it all, 2 children, growing a business and being everything to everyone, while having time for me. I’m sure a mothers usual thought pattern?

After all this reflecting I had a revelation today…I believe his connection with me is different already to that of Savannah. He has helped fuel my desire even further to help more mums and work on what I’m passionate about, get into inspired action, while listening to how I’m feeling on any given day and create something I’ve wanted to do since Savannah was born however been putting off.

Ive been so busy keeping myself occupied when I can and wanting something to cling onto to keep hold of my Identity. That I’m not just mum Jade, wife Jade and PT Jade. That we can keep a piece of ourselves amongst the chaos of change taking place in this second time around.

My underlying intention however has been for my children. To have time in the long run for them, while still pursuing what fills me up. And Amazingly this new baby has been and is part of this journey to creating what lights me up with the birth of FIT FAB MUM as he is in this whole process with me.

So second time around mummas, what things have been different for you this time and what revelations are you having about yourself and this new little soul about you join you?

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