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Pregnancy and Home Life with Alex Nation

Pregnancy and Home Life with Alex Nation

Alex Nation became a household name on our television screens, as Australia followed her journey in love and in turn fell in love with her after she won the reality tv series, The Bachelor in 2016, receiving the final rose.

Since then, Alex’s career has skyrocketed and has seen her host her own community radio shows, be an active role model and ambassador for Australian Women’s Football, and become an open voice for anti-bullying and LGBTQIA campaigns.

Most recently, Alex was cast as the 1926’s Miss Australia winner, Beryl Mills in Channel 10’s Drunk History and was cast in the 2019 season of Bachelor in Paradise, which saw her return to find love.

Alex, who refers to herself as ‘functionally dysfunctional’, is most importantly a mother to her son Elijah, significant other to Mr Jory, and pregnant with baby number two!

We had a quick chat with Alex Nation and asked her the questions we’ve all been wanting to know about her return to country living and Baby Jory.


1. Tell us about your life growing up – where you grew up, how many siblings, home life, etc

I grew up on a farm in Kyabram, a small country town just out of Shepparton, Victoria. Whilst we moved around from time to time, the farm was always home and where we always returned. My childhood consisted of rounding up cattle, making cubby houses out of hay bales, surrounded by cute animals, and home-cooked hearty country meals.

2. What’s your life like now – family, work, lifestyle, etc

I had been living on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria for the last 17 years and have now made my return to the country to be with my partner in Beechworth, Victoria. I always knew I would retreat back to the country, however, I just didn't know when. Thank goodness I finally found my country boy!


1. Was your pregnancy planned or a surprise?

Baby Jory was a planned pregnancy.

2. How did you find out you were pregnant?

I found out I was pregnant early one morning after doing a home test. I had 6 negatives in the weeks leading up, so I was elated to see the two lines!

3. What were your initial emotions?

I was just so excited and overcome with happiness. Lots of happy tears whilst still sitting on the toilet haha!

4. You are already a mum to your son, Elijah. How are you feeling about adding to your family?

I am so excited for our new addition and think Elijah will be such an amazing big brother and helper.

5. How does this pregnancy compare to your pregnancy with Elijah?

They are polarizing! My pregnancy with Elijah was an absolute breeze. This one was met with horrendous all-day sickness, anxiousness, and extreme fatigue. Thank goodness it all settled once I hit my second trimester. Pregnancy really is a wild ride!

6. Are you planning on finding out the gender?

We are keeping the gender a surprise and can't wait for the "It's a.......!" moment. (I think it’s a boy)

7. What are you hoping for your birth experience?

I am hoping I can have a very natural birth, but my overall plan is to just get the baby earthside safely and healthy.

8. You’ve done this before, any advice or tips for new mums?

Be gentle with yourself and trust your body. You know it better than anyone!

Follow Alex on Instagram @alexandranation