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Post-partum healing in the arms of nature

Post-partum healing in the arms of nature

Post-partum healing in the arms of nature

By Jordan Mcgregor, Bare + Boho

Days of past, were mornings of hustle and rush, time constraints and to-do lists. Bustling out the door and off to work, consumed with thoughts for the activities ahead. And then baby came along. Morning and evening, day and night, all blur and blend; time stops, the calendar has no place on the wall, dates and numbers mean nothing to me any longer.

Motherhood creates a different type of routine, and for me it began as a bubble of blissful relief from the noise and structure of the world outside my doors. A cycle of sleeping, eating, breastfeeding, cleaning, all the while staring at the beautiful being I had miraculously created, carried and birthed.

And as quietness entered my life, I realized how little time I have made in my busy past, to truly appreciate the beauty of nature and all that it encompasses. I was beginning to crave the Earth, the sunlight, the air and the breeze, as a form of relief to the emotional and physical trauma that follows any birth and post-partum recovery.

My yearning for the natural, was a manifestation of the inner thoughts I had; a swelling admiration for the beauty in the natural feminine body, and all that she can do, feel and create.

So my relationship with Earth began.

With my newborn cradled in my arms, lightly covered with a sheer muslin throw, we would lie naked in the grass of our home. Blissful memories of bathing in the sunlight, embracing the healing rays of light and the energy they carry; absorbing the raw vitamins carried through, and feeling the warmth of her shine.

The aches and pressures that follow the momentous occasion of birth, melted away, as we breathed deeply the fresh morning air, and listened to the distinct hum of the creatures of the Earth around us going about their day.

I remember hearing how healing sunlight and air is for the vagina post-birth, so I embraced the opportunities to expose myself to the natural elements and the benefits found therein.

As my son grew to sit and crawl, every morning when we awoke, we began a new routine of starting our days grounding ourselves in the soil and grass. He would explore all the sights and sounds of the stillness around us, and watching his face try to make sense of the colours and the shapes, was the awakening I needed.

This is where he belongs, these elements are his friends, his teachers and his comfort.

Now, as he comes close to turning two years old, we still begin each and every day, no matter the weather, grounding our feet in the Earth; embracing whatever story the weather wishes to share with us that day.

As soon as he wakes, he asks me to take off his clothing, and runs to the back door, and he reminds me that outside is where we belong. There he runs naked, untethered, uninhibited and free; touching the grass, talking to the flowers and searching for the crickets.

He tugs my hand and we do laps around the fencing, watching the little ants move up and down the posts, as they gather their food for their nest.

His eyes sparkle when he hears a bird call, or finds a feather hidden among the bushes.

He squats down and intensely studies the weeds and loves picking the wildflowers; tickling me with their soft leaves.

We search for frogs, collect sticks, and talk to the neighbour’s dogs through the fence.

Mornings for him are bliss, but for me they are important lessons, that in nature we can find all the answers, we learn mindfulness, and we restore our youth. We can be healed, we can be nurtured and we can be nourished.

But giving space and time, to creating new routines and exploring new realms is an act that can be so hard to prioritise in this modern age.

So I thank my son for the daily reminders, that acknowledging the beauty in all things natural, is worthy of our time and energy. I remain inspired by his bond with the grass, the flowers, the trees and the animals, and love the intrigue in his face, whenever we come across something new.

We have but one chance to imprint values on the hearts of our children when they are young and wild and free of the constraints of the world. Nurturing an interest for the natural, and encouraging an interest in the smallest of creatures or tiniest blade of grass, is our opportunity to plant seeds of compassion and kindness for the Earth and animals around.

My son appreciate the warmth of the sun, he is awed by the sound of the thunder, and he is refreshed by the rain as he dances out there naked, whenever there is a downpour. These are the memories I want to create with him, the values I want him to carry through his life.

Grounding ourselves in the rawness of nature; digging our feet in the coolness of the soil and allowing our skin to feel the sun’s kisses, is not only physically healing, but emotionally rejuvenating.

So I encourage all beautiful mamas, to step into the sunlight, breathe deeply the fresh air, sit and watch the ants crawl and lay in the grass with our children. Nature is the only playground they need, and the only home in which they should truly feel comfortable.

Find out more about Bare + Boho at www.bareandboho.com.au