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Newborn poses and feeling comfortable your baby is safe

Newborn poses and feeling comfortable your baby is  safe

When researching a newborn photographer it is important to know that the images you see in galleries are not all that they seem, they are composite images.

Composite newborn poses can be very risky unless you know what you are doing. Safety and ensuring our clients are comfortable are paramount here at Captured by Anna. You want to know that your baby is safe and with a photographer that has the experience to perform a lot of the poses used throughout your newborn session.

Anna is a professionally accredited photographer with over 10 years experience. Anna is constantly up skilling to ensure that not only your baby is safe but that your session is a lot of fun and your photos are AMAZING!

What does composite images even mean?

Composite images are made up from a couple of photographs to make one image. We have a great before and after photo to show you just how much work goes on behind the scenes. This particular pose, and others, should ALWAYS be done as a composite as it would not be safe to leave your newborn in these positions.

How do you know if your photographer is experienced enough to perform these poses?

Talk to your photographer before you make your booking. Ask them how they create their newborn poses, ask to see some before and after photos of composite images they have created in the past. Most importantly, make sure you feel comfortable with the photographer that your baby will be safe.

Article supplied by Captured by Anna