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Natural hand sanitiser - the safest option

Natural hand sanitiser - the safest option

Hand sanitisers are an important part of preventing the spread of coronavirus in Australian.

Shield Yourself have launched an all-natural hand sanitiser Invisi Shield formula that has been fully scientifically tested at an independent UK laboratory and proven effective against the dangerous germs we are facing in the world today.

They have used breakthrough technology to combine plant extracts that work synergistically to achieve a formula that provides skin protection naturally. Invisi Shield is organic and is an effective and safe alternative to alcohol-based and chemical hand sanitisers.

Invisi Shield is ideal for use around children because it is:

  • Alcohol free – the NSW Health Department issued a warning after a spike in young children swallowing alcohol-based hand sanitisers. Senior Poisons Specialist Genevieve Adamo said even a small amount of alcohol can be harmful to young children. Alcohol poisoning in children can cause confusion, vomiting, drowsiness, respiratory arrest, coma and even death. Invisi Shield does not cause harm if accidentally swallowed.

  • Chemical free – some hand sanitisers contain benzalkonium chloride or hydrogen peroxide, which are toxic and can cause skin irritation. Invisi Shield is non-toxic.

  • Suitable for sensitive skin – dermatologists are reporting an increase in children with skin conditions from using alcohol-based hand sanitiser. Alcohol can dry the skin out. Invisi Shield is hypoallergenic, does not sting and is not drying. It can be used safely by children with eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions.

  • Longer lasting – the ability of alcohol-based products to kill bacteria ends once the product has dried on the skin. Invisi Shield offers extended longer-term protection after application, which reduces cross contamination. Invisi Shield does not need to be re-applied as often.

  • Biodegradable – Invisi Shield is environmentally friendly.

Article supplied by Shield Yourself.