Motherhood - are you ready?

Motherhood - are you ready?

There are so many emotional and physical changes that happen through the processes of conception, pregnancy, delivery, and finally motherhood. While medical conditions are in the domain of doctors and nurses, there is still a myriad of issues that may affect not only your wellbeing but also the wellness of your family. What are some ways that will prepare you for successful motherhood?

First and foremost, you need to realise your support. Someone to share the joy and the burden, whether that is your partner, family or friends. For many, joining a group of like-minded mothers-to-be is just as important. In Australia, we are very fortunate to have excellent public and private health care systems, as well as easy access to a wide range of allied health services.

Next, a practical and positive mindset. While the challenges through pregnancy, delivery and postpartum can be daunting, and you may feel lost amidst the confusing and sometimes conflicting advice, remember to keep in mind the final outcome is to achieve a healthy and safe pregnancy, birth and confinement. Do seek help from qualified and experienced health professionals who deal daily with your issues from years of training and working in a diverse patient setting.

All else, from nutritional to physical preparation, is equally important. Knowing to rest well, eat healthily and regular exercise are critically important. When you are doing well in all the three aspects, you are in balanced harmony. Even then, health issues can and do arise that disrupt this balance. Common problems such as bloating, reflux, constipation, pelvic and back pain have simple yet effective treatments. However recalcitrant problems may require treatment from allied health professionals in their field of practice. Needless to say medical conditions need medical professionals who are experts in their field of specialty.

How about birthing? Can one ever be ready? Understandably, the birthing process is fraught with risk. Kudos to our caring midwives and obstetricians whom we rely on to safely bring into the world our bundle of joy. While many happy tears are shed, some do need additional medical support. Whether it is vaginal or Caesarean birth, the processes our body is put through is amazing, so take time to recuperate by getting plenty of rest, eat well and bond with baby.

Last but not least, confinement, a time-honoured tradition across all cultures. In the good old days, as the grandmotherly midwives will tell you, confinement takes place for six weeks. Hospital stays were much longer. Over time, confinement has taken a back seat. Today, a new mum is barely lactating when she is sent home from the hospital. As the stressors of caring for a newborn may wither away your own wellness, remember to seek help and support from the people you trust, including health professionals, and always keep a practical and positive mindset.

This journey to motherhood is long and challenging, yet transforming and fulfilling. The progression from conception, pregnancy, delivery to confinement, will ultimately crown you with motherhood.

On behalf of the entire Women Wellness team, we wish you a successful and safe journey to motherhood.

Article supplied by Women Wellness team