Montessori's cosmic task for your children

Montessori's cosmic task for your children

Let's go over the Montessori topic of the Cosmic task. In Montessori terms, the cosmic task essentially means your purpose in life. The laws governing the universe can be made into interesting and wonderful things for your child. Doctor Maria Montessori believed that Cosmic Education was vital to early education because it provides children with a framework to understand their world and their place within it.

Children learn to respect studies of the past, develop an understanding of ethics, and value the contributions of others. In this way, Cosmic Education teaches children to become aware of the interdependence of all things and develop a sense of gratitude that comes from that awareness.

Within the first plane of development which is ages 0-6 years, the cosmic education is forming a platform for teaching where children can understand and adapt to their environment. Children are introduced to the natural world through nature and sensorial learning materials, which leads to children refining their senses and in turn, the way they process and understand their world. Their overall development, confidence with themselves, their society and their world are all being aided through this.

Doctor Maria Montessori believed that children who received a Cosmic Education in childhood were better prepared to enter adolescence as independent, socially responsible, and emotionally intelligent individuals. This is because Cosmic Education teaches to have a practiced understanding of who they are as individuals, as members of the human race, and as citizens of the universe. It also provides children with a deep understanding of their moral responsibility to address global issues that affect humankind and the environment.

Children need to do things that are ‘purposeful’ as it gives them satisfaction. Being ‘meaningful’ within the family makes children aware of how they are valued. Gratitude for all that everyone has done for the world, should be encouraged with children. It develops a disposition of awe where they think how clever it was for someone to create or design things.

Overall, the cosmic task helps children to consider what their potential purpose may be in the world. How are you as a parent aiding your child’s education in their cosmic task?

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