Montessori parenting principles to cultivate children

Montessori parenting principles to cultivate children

How can parents cultivate skills, capabilities, and dispositions in their children, through a positive approach to health and well-being?

Through this article, we hope to assist you in achieving to build on your conscious awareness as we all have habits that we do unconsciously. The aim is to practice new techniques that support your child’s health and wellbeing while making your life easier.

Quite simply, you can incorporate these 10 parenting principles into your daily life:


Taking immediate action, no matter how small, is the key to success.


Cut the clutter and create an environment that encourages order and focus.


This is a great need for all ages because it stimulates the brain.


Use empowering words with your child/children.

Elements for physical health and well-being

Which can include, fresh air, nutrition and sleep.

Positive social life

To stimulate creativity, self-expression, and personal growth.


Doing meaningful activities that make you feel valued.

Gratitude and giving

Which are antidotes to entitlement, and you can easily model for your child.

Authentic achievement

Which is when you really put an effort into doing things and you feel the satisfaction of doing them well.

Having a sense of self

This means to be accountable to yourself and to your family.

We have classified these parenting principles into four easy areas to remember:

  • Motivation

  • Living Well

  • Cosmic Task

  • Harmonious Relationships

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