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Massage and colic

Massage and colic

Colic is severe pain in the abdomen caused by wind or obstruction in the intestines. It is especially suffered by babies. Colic can be a very stressful time, not only for the baby who is crying from pains in their tummy, but also for mum, who can be feeling helpless or exhausted.

Although there are no universal agreements on Colic causes and treatment, there are special abdominal strokes that you can learn which are specifically designed to ease symptoms of pain, wind, constipation and digestive disturbances.

PBC Expo spoke with Antonette from Little Innoscents about massaging a baby with colic.

There are special techniques for massaging a baby with colic. These include stroking the tummy gently in a clockwise circular motion, while keeping your palms flat. You can walk your fingertips clockwise in a circular motion on the tummy, draw the ‘n’ letter on baby’s tummy or even bend the baby’s knees to the chest and back.

Repeat these strokes consistently, several times daily, for a period of at least three weeks. You will definitely see results at the third week, or earlier.

Get the most out of these strokes applying warmth to the babies tummy to dispel the tightness. You can do this by putting your baby in a warm bath and then, once the muscles are more relaxed, repeat through the massage strokes.

Don’t be afraid to put your baby into a warm bath, just the waist down, in the middle of the night, if that’s what you feel will help – just follow your instincts and you will find what works for you.

For a baby or toddler in good health, these strokes will quickly disperse gas, ease muscle spasm, tone the digestive system, and help to move food and expel waste efficiently.

Find out more about Little Innoscents here