Learning through play with Playgroup

Learning through play with Playgroup

Dr. Tarasuik from Playgroup Victoria, has researched different aspects of children's development in the first 5 years of their life. One of her areas of interest is learning through play.

This Bupa Parenting Insights talk is given by Dr Joanne Tarsuik, a Research Officer at Playgroup Victoria. In this talk, Dr. Tarasuik explores how children learn through play, discussing examples of play activities that compliment different stages of development and outlines aspects of learning that occur through different play activities. The talk focuses on the following topics:

  • Home learning environment
  • Free play
  • Playful learning
  • Intentional teaching

Its never too early to start playing with your children. From the time they're born to 3 years old they will create more than 1000 trillion new brain connections. The first 5 years of their life can shape their future. Spending time playing together provides many different ways and time for your child to learn and develop.

Playgroup is beneficial for:

  • Children - they get to have fun
  • Parents - who can meet other parents with children
  • The Community - it creates a community environment

This video is invaluable to all parents and expecting parents.

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