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Know your child and toilet train in just days

Know your child and toilet train in just days

The amazing "know your child" system, the brainchild of Tracy Fulwood has revolutionised understanding our children with early childhood Intervention.

This Bupa Parenting Insights talk is given by Tracy Fulwood from pottytraining.com.au. This talk helps you to truly understand your child's inherent needs, their strengths and weaknesses from as early as one year old. Armed with this knowledge the "battle of wills" disappears or even better, avoid the bad habits from the beginning.

Know how to make your strong-willed child more compliant and actually avoid tantrums, or help your fearful, cautious child build resilience and be less clingy. When you apply the "know your child" strategies to wees and poos, you really can toilet train in days - even from as young as 18 months.

This video is invaluable to all parents of toddlers.