How to make brushing teeth fun

How to make brushing teeth fun

By Baby Tooth Land

It’s not always easy getting your kids to brush their teeth. Explaining to them how important oral care is just doesn’t seem to do the trick. Put yourself in your kids’ shoes – would you want to give up on playing games or watching cartoons in favor of a seemingly boring daily tooth brushing routine?

Whilst you know that taking good care of your kids’ teeth and gums help to prevent cavities, your fun loving ankle biters will be oblivious to the dangers of poor oral hygiene. When it’s tooth brushing time, your kids have probably refused, chucked a tantrum or brushed for less than the recommended two-minute duration, just so they can get back to playing with their favorite toy.

As a busy mum - juggling work, family and what’s left of your social life - brushing your kids’ teeth seems to be a daily battle where you are not always the winner. You want the best for your toddlers’ well-being but how can you make brushing teeth fun for them.

Here are five amazing tips on how to make tooth brushing fun for your little ones:

Brush together and teach by example

Many kids enjoy playing adults from a very young age. Little girls watch with fascination how their mums apply makeup while boys admire their fathers shave in front of the bathroom mirror. Kids want to do the things that big people do, and that’s why baby stores sell toy shaving kits, lipsticks and hair accessories.

Teach your little ones to brush their teeth by showing them how you do it. Look at yourself in the mirror while brushing your teeth. Exaggerate your moves to show them how the toothbrush works. Once you’re done, give yourself a bright smile and a wink. Now watch your kids follow the same steps with excitement.

Don’t leave your toddler alone - brush your teeth together. Your little ones will have fun if you let them brush your teeth, while you can help them brush theirs. You will not only bond with your child, but also make tooth brushing more fun for them.

Play games

Brushing for the recommended two minutes might seem like forever for your kids. Why not introduce a little toy friend to help them out? Get your kids to brush the teeth of their favorite plush teddy bear.

Have them take care of teddies teeth before brushing their own and see what difference it makes on their mood. Turn tooth brushing into a game. Your toddlers will be more excited to brush their own teeth after they’ve done the same for their toys. Make it a game, and see the sparkles in their eyes.

Choose the right toothbrush

Most adults aren’t too fussed about how their toothbrush looks like. However, kids will have more fun brushing teeth if their toothbrush looks fun and cute. Toothbrushes that resemble animals are especially popular among little ones.

Choose a toothbrush that is fun and will appeal to your kid. Now who wouldn’t want to brush with little elephant toothbrush? Your kids can have fun playing with it and also use it to brush their teeth.

Add music

If your toddler loves to dance, why not add some music to your kids tooth brushing routine?

Pick your kids’ favorite song and set it to play for two minutes while they brush their teeth. Brush alongside them, dance to the music with them and hum along. This way, tooth brushing will become less of a chore but instead a chance to have a mini disco party.

When the music stops, give your kids a big hi-5 and a rapturous round of applause.

With their favorite song playing, your little ones will not even notice how the time has passed by. Now brushing teeth has become a lot more enjoyable for your kids.

Reward your child

Praise and encouragement will go a long way. Offer your kids a small reward every night they brush their teeth. Don’t be afraid to spoil them. Even adults get rewarded for doing a good job.

Come up with rewards that will help them learn: let them choose a book with bedtime stories, play a fun educational game, or give them a sticker. Small rewards will encourage them and they will look forward to the next time they brush their teeth.

Tooth brushing does not have to be a nightmare for either you or your kids. Changing how toddlers see tooth brushing is the first step to creating a fun and healthy habit in the future. Teach your kids by example and brush teeth together, play games, add music, choose the right toothbrush, and reward your kids for brushing teeth correctly. Make tooth brushing fun using the tips from this article, be creative, and find a way that works best for you and your little ones.

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