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Financial Issues - Cancer families needing help

Financial Issues - Cancer families needing help

So many things turn a family's life upside down when they have a child diagnosed with cancer. It's like a roll-on effect from one thing to another. One parent has to give up work, sometimes even both parents depending on their circumstances. Some families live in Country Australia and have to spend weeks even months travelling to one of the bigger hospitals to access treatment. Some family's marriages even fall apart due to the stress and pressure of the journey.

During this time, bills still come in and need to paid, mortgages and rent needs to be paid, groceries need to be bought, utilities need to be kept connected, siblings still need to go to school, petrol still needs to go in the car, broken washing machines need to be replaced and additional increases like hospital parking, travel, cafeteria food, treatment costs and medicines have to bought, which increases the family's outgoings.

How does a family still afford to be able to do this whilst not having an income? A lot can't. And that is where Kids With Cancer Foundation can help.

Kids With Cancer Foundation provides financial assistance by paying all of these bills for the families that have found themselves in financial stress due to their child's ongoing cancer treatment. As long as the bill is in the family's name, we can pay it.

All financial assistance is accessed through the family's social worker at their treating hospital. We receive a letter from the Social Worker, a copy of the bill attached, and we pay it.

We have no dollar limit per family per say.

We help families who's child is from birth to 12 years old inclusive and are in treatment for cancer.

We can only continue to provide this assistance through the amazing support of the public, and our supporters.

Help us help the kids.. and support us today.

Find out more about Kids With Cancer Foundation (Aust) here