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Benefits of Organic Milk

Benefits of Organic Milk

Milk formula comes in dozens of brands and varieties and to figure out what's best for your baby can be a daunting task, especially for parents who want the most suitable diet for their little ones.

Organic milk contains all-natural ingredients and is sourced from cows who are raised from organic farming. This agricultural practice ensures the cattle are not treated with antibiotics and hormones and are fed with organic food with no traces of synthetic fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides and other harmful chemical substances.

To ensure organic milk is produced at its most natural way, organic cattle are free to graze on pasture for a healthy lifestyle and are placed in sheltered bedding during bad seasons to protect them against adverse conditions. Milk sourced from pastured-grazed cattle tend to contain more Conjugate Linoleic Acids (CLAs), which are healthy fatty acids to boost immune system.

Organic milk often comes with a set of nutritional benefits for a more natural development and growth.

Nutritional Benefits
* Contain more Omega-3 fatty acids for healthy growth, eye and brain health
* Rich in Antioxidants to defend the body from radical damage
* Less content of heavy metals contamination to avoid tissue damage such as muscles and joint pains
* More environmentally sustainable thus less damage to the soil where the grass is grown in
* Usage of natural pesticides for healthier feed production to minimise pesticide residue in organic milk

No GMO’s
Organic farming ensures that Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are not used during the farming process. Hormones are not inserted for the cattle’s growth and reproduction or to increase their milk volume, resulting in organic milk being purer than conventional milk. Crops are also not genetically engineered to ensure only the most natural feed are given to the organic cows.

Reduce risks of other health problems
As organic milk contains no chemical pesticide traces, your baby will less likely be encountering issues with their nervous system, lungs, reproductive system, and immune or endocrine system dysfunction as these are the possible side-effects of consuming food with pesticides traces.

Environment friendly
Due to standards set out for organic farming where natural substances are required to be used and the restrictions of chemical materials in the farming processes, these reduce the possibility of land contamination or the possible presence of chemical or heavy metal residues in the product. These eco-friendly farming practices will hence safeguard the sustainability of land.

Animal Welfare
Organic cows have high standards of animal welfare and live in certified organic farms that enforce strict control on farming processes. Living conditions of the cattle must also be optimal and needed to be of sufficient protection. As such, the cows are neither injected with growth hormones to increase milk supply nor subjected to the routine usage of antibiotics.

Milk Processing
Organic milk is processed in a pharmaceutical grade facility to produce organic milk formula. No chemical substances or genetically modified organism (GMO) ingredients are being used in the manufacturing, and the formula is free of artificial flavorings, colors or preservatives, making it more digestible for babies.

Nature One Dairy Pty Ltd is a certified dairy manufacturer dedicated to producing only the highest quality powdered milk products in their own ISO 8 Pharmaceutical Grade Facility in Carrum Downs. Nature One Dairy® formula milk is formulated by qualified Food Science Technologists and is available in Priceline Pharmacy country-wide and selected IGA Supermarkets in Melbourne.

Find out more about Nature One Dairy and their products here