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Bamboo onesies - why they're better for your baby

Bamboo onesies - why they're better for your baby

The best thing about a loved one’s pregnancy announcement is the fact that I get to go shopping for teeny tiny little outfits for their new baby. I love shopping in the newborns and infants section, looking at all the clothing, matching all the bits and pieces, and buying absolutely everything. I could honestly spend hours there. I always try to get a mix of those gorgeous, but somewhat impractical pants and shirt combos, and some everyday wear outfits. But nothing beats practicality with a newborn baby and you cannot go past a bamboo onesie for the easiest, every day (and night!) item of clothing for to make life easier for sleep-deprived parents. Below are 4 reasons why I love using and gifting bamboo onesies for babies and toddlers:

1. Great for sensitive skin and babies with eczema

Firstly, when choosing clothing for babies it’s important to think about the type of fabric you want up against that soft, sensitive skin. I love clothing made from bamboo as it is so buttery soft and silky smooth without compromising on warmth or comfort. The National Eczema Society recommends the use of bamboo due to the soft, breathable fabric and the antibacterial properties of the fibres.

It is especially good during severe flare ups according to Eczema Life, when even a cotton blend would be too rough and cause more irritation. The hypoallergenic nature of bamboo fabric means that it won’t trigger allergic reactions which is a real boon for allergy sufferers or those with sensitive skin. Additionally, bamboo fibres are naturally smoother and rounder which is what gives the fabric itself that silky feeling. Meaning you’re getting a super soft and comfortable piece of clothing that actually soothes sensitive skin and calms eczema flare ups.

2. Genius two-way zips for easy nappy changes

Unless you have a particularly strong grudge against the parents, you never want to give them any baby clothing with snaps. Trust me, snaps on baby clothes are right up there with hair bands that snap while you’re tying back your hair or tea bags that flip into the cup when you’re pouring the boiling water. It’s not bad enough to start a war but man, it’s annoying. Snaps on tiny babies have the added disadvantage of having to be done while in a severely sleep-deprived state and snaps on older babies adds the task of getting the child to lay still while you do them up - no outfit is cute enough to warrant the hassle of trying to do up snaps.

I love the inclusion of a two-way zip on a onesie for the absolute ease of use! It's especially good for those middle-of-winter, 2am nappy changes, because you just unzip from the bottom and leave the baby mostly dressed, cosy and warm while you complete what feels like a Formula 1 pitstop due to how fast you're trying to get it done.

3. Better quality sleep for baby (and you)

It sounds too good to be true but bamboo sleepsuits or onesies can actually promote better sleep for your little one. Firstly, bamboo is thermal regulating meaning that it helps keep you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cool. Pack this into a sleep suit for a baby and you have an item of clothing that will help your child stay comfortable and hopefully sleep for longer!

Secondly, bamboo is ultra-absorbent and helps to wick moisture away from the skin. For adults, this is an excellent reason to invest in bamboo workout gear. For babies, bamboo sleepsuits mean that sweat or moisture is wicked away from the skin, leaving your baby dry and comfortable. An added benefit of bamboo is that it doesn’t retain unpleasant odours making it even more suitable for babies who have the occasional nappy blowout!

4. Unique, hand-drawn prints (specialty of Monarch Store) Monarch Bootysuits have all of the above - the two-way zips, incredible hypoallergenic and thermal regulating nature of bamboo fabric - and as a bonus, they also come in absolutely gorgeous prints. From underwater scenes, to Australian fauna, Autumnal leaves and Arctic vibes, there’s honestly a print for everyone. The suits also come in long and short versions so there is a suit to fit every baby, no matter the season. So there you have it, the best item of clothing for new babies or older toddlers is a bamboo onesie for ease of use for parents and incredible comfort for children. If you’re ever unsure what to get for an expecting loved one, you can’t really go wrong with Monarch Bootysuits.