Baby not sleeping? Love to Dream is here to help

Baby not sleeping? Love to Dream is here to help

Is your baby not sleeping? Do you think your baby is undergoing a sleep regression? Love To Dream is here to help

A good night’s sleep

At Love To Dream, we know all about sleep deprivation (because we’ve been there, done that). When your baby doesn’t sleep your whole world goes wonky – routines go out the door, your baby is miserable and you’re so, so tired.

That’s why we’ve consulted with some of the best sleep experts on the planet (our Dream Team) to bring you one of the most important things we’ve ever done: The Love To Dream Sleep Series. The Love To Dream Sleep Series was created to support all parents-to-be, parents and carers and answer all your big (and little) questions about baby sleep. Plus, it’s absolutely free!

The Love To Dream Sleep Series

No matter how big or little your bub might be, sleep remains a priority. As a fundamental element of their development and routine, you know how important those nap times and bedtimes are. And, so do our collection of paediatric experts, who have partnered with Love To Dream, to bring you the Love To Dream Sleep Series. Here’s what you can expect as we answer the big question of your baby not sleeping:

  • From day one: You’ll learn about your little one’s sleep needs, from the day they’re born, and beyond.

  • The 4 foundations of healthy sleep: We cover the 4 foundations for healthy sleep and how they can help your baby sleep longer, better, and more safely.

  • Understand the basics: Having a guide for how long your baby should sleep for, when to put them down for their sleeps, and what they should be sleeping in, are some of the basics that will help you feel more confident about your baby’s sleep.

  • Learn the cues: Before your baby can speak, it can be frustrating to figure out why they’re upset, crying, or just plain grumpy, but learning the cues can help you work out what your baby is trying to tell you.

  • A rhythm to your baby’s day: The Love To Dream Sleep Series helps you establish your baby’s schedule : from their sleep, feeds and uptime. We also help you manage the mayhem when things go awry.

  • Back on track: When sleep or your whole day goes sideways, the Love To Dream Sleep Series gives you tips to get your little one back on track.

All the sleep tips you need in one place

If your baby is not sleeping, the last thing you want to do is wade through books and websites at 2am looking for answers. The Love To Dream Sleep Series makes learning about your baby’s sleep needs easy, with:

  • Fast and fun videos that showcase the all-important aspects of baby sleep

  • Easy to read FAQs and articles that answer the big questions: Why is my baby not sleeping? When should my baby drop a nap? Is my little one sleeping enough?

  • Downloadable guides for you to refer to, at any time of day or night. Including infographics, and steps to follow, the Love To Dream Sleep Series guides are your BFF at bedtime and all through the day, no matter how old your baby is.

Signing up for sleep

The Love To Dream Sleep Series is a gift, from us to you. Free for you to use and keep forever. Head on over to the Love To Dream Sleep Series website, and sign up. Wherever you are on your journey, we hope the Love To Dream Sleep Series gives you some practical advice to help set up a rhythm to your baby's day, and help them sleep safer, better and longer.